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How do you plan to BEET the snow and ice this winter?

Snow on road

East End Ice Melt has been in business for over 5 years and is going strong!  We've made all types of beet juice products ranging from sprays and rock salt versions to meet all sorts of ice melt needs.  


Our product is made from 80% salt brine and 20% beet juice which in turn is far less corrosive than traditional ice melt products. Our beet juice ice melt is 100% natural and is much safer for pets and children. It's safe enough to drink!


Going green using our beet juice by mixing a re-cycled by product from the sugar process that has 5 positive ions that are positive, not negative like chlorides that attack steel and lime in roads. So when you mix 80/20 you neutralize the corrosion with our 5 good ions in our juice to 1 chloride so you naturally chase the negative chloride ions with are positive ions keeping the water from freezing and it evaporates the melted water by movement so it prevents black ice. No other accelerate does that.

The greener option for keeping ice at bay

Sustainability just got easier

Our products are made from the waste beet by-product that is created when beet sugar is made.  This by-product is normally thrown out!  With our ice melt products, we take trash and turn it into an ice-free parking lot or driveway.

Unlimited shelf life

When you buy too much traditional ice melt and you have leftover salt at the end of winter, you won't be able to use it the following winter because it degrades over time from moisture.


Our beet juice ice melt makes your life easier by not degrading and having an unlimited shelf life. This way, you can use the salt from last winter, today so your money isn't washed away.

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