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How do you plan to BEET the snow and ice this winter?

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Set the example by keeping ground water safe from chemical salt options. Your customers and clients will appreciate doing business with a company that makes an effort to be environmentally responsible.  You will also love that our beet juice road salt is less corrosive than traditional ice melt which helps keep your machinery and equipment in top shape.

Keep your industrial areas safe and ice-free

275 Gallon tote

1000 Gallon min. delivered in bulk @ $1.10/gallon

1000 - 2000 gallon order @ $1.00 cents/gallon

Over 2000 gallon order @ .90 cents/gallon

275 Gallon tote of the Natural Ice Control (full strength)

275 Gallons treats 50 tons of salt or 1200 gallons of brine

Price $425 + $60 tote deposit

Melts to -10 below

Melts to -10 below

Price $1000 + $50 tote deposit

Melts to -20 below

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Trucking Companies - Treat your equipment (Truck Beds/Payloader Buckets) with our product:

Natural Anti-bonding/Anti-freeze 275 Gallon tote

Price $525 + $60 tote deposit